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​​Bio-Test Laboratory 

Laboratory Technicians are on-site daily to assist you!

Monday - Friday     7:30am - 4:00pm

Tel: 613-830-8388 EXT: 364

Bio-Test Laboratory Inc. is the region's only locally owned and operated private medical laboratory. Using the latest in medical technology staffed by a team of highly skilled and professional medical laboratory personnel, Bio-Test Laboratory strives to provide excellence in laboratory diagnostic services to patients and physicians.

Under a quality management system that is continuously improving and being implemented and reviewed by a management team that employs a hands on approach, the entire dedicated staff of Bio-Test Laboratory constantly works towards timely, accurate, efficient quality laboratory test results.

Bio-Test Laboratory has been serving the diagnostic needs of physicians and patients in the Ottawa and surrounding areas for over 43 years.

Bio-Test Laboratory is the only locally owned and operated medical laboratory in Eastern Ontario with testing performed on-site at the main lab.